The March

from by Hypnogaja

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5:49 AM

Daybreak. Just got in from an all night march across some rough terrain; Lugging over 100 pounds on my back. Sweating all the way through my armor, if that’s even possible. Looking forward to a little R&R but don’t know when we’ll get it. Maybe never.

No one told us how long this war would last. Just do what you’re told. That’s how you get from today to tomorrow. Hit one place one day, move on, hit another place the next. No looking back. Can't worry about consequence or aftermath. No telling what’s over the next rise. Eyes on the ground. Keep your feet moving. That’s how you make it through. No time for stargazing. No time to be the Spaceman. Night is the time to move. Don’t remember the last time I was able to really look up at the stars. Which is the only place I ever want to look. Except when I look at her.

I miss her. I don’t want to fight this war. Not my war. Don’t even know what I’m fighting for. Democracy? Oil? I don't even care anymore. I just want her.

Platoon leader just came in. Told us we’re being redeployed. Tomorrow. Home. Rotation came to an early end. Can’t believe it but it’s true. Can’t wait to tell her what I’ve seen. Don’t know if I can, though. Might be too hard for me to explain and too hard for her to hear.

Just saw a shooting star. Wonder if she saw it too.

Probably not. Worlds away. But not for long. I’m coming! Soon! Very soon!


The March

I've seen the end ahead
But I still keep marching on
Nowhere to go but off the edge
All sense we had is gone
We do just what we are told
No matter what's been done
No consequence, no aftermath
No tell of what's to come

We march along
Don't care who's wrong
We still stand strong
And keep marching on
Although we're one
Under the gun
While you're at home
We march alone

All our leaders walk away
When there's nowhere left to run
And they leave us standing there
To hold a smoking gun
I don't wanna fight this war
No more, I don't know
What I'm really fighting for
What's it all for?

Lies you feed us
To mislead us
All just to bleed us
Now we're dying
From your lying
Why are you smiling?

With skill you kill
All our free will
We'll follow strong
And keep marching on


from Truth Decay, released June 30, 2009
Written by Jason "ShyBoy" Arnold, Mark Nubar Donikian, Jean-Yves "Jeeve" Ducornet/John Scott Mulchaey. © 2009 Idiot Speaks/Looking For Mr. Nubar/Wicked Night Music/Where's My Cut Publishing (ASCAP) Adm. worldwide by PEN Music Group, Inc.



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Hypnogaja Los Angeles, California

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