Dark Star

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This will be my last entry regarding the study of what I have come to call the Dark Star. Over the last several months my experiments in quantum universe detection have begun to reveal things that I was hoping to find. Now that I think I have found them, I begin to wonder if I should have gone looking in the first place.

I’ve been taking ultra low frequency light particles and cooling them to within 2 degrees of 0 Kelvin – absolute zero – to see how the light behaves. With this methodology I was hoping that I might discover evidence of quantum universes vibrating just a millimeter away from our own.

It turns out my hypothesis may be correct.

The light particles slow down considerably at such extreme low temperatures and seem to lose some of their energy or dim; indeed it’s as though darkness casts a shadow over the slow moving light waves.

But my experiments have detected some very strong and unstable energies vibrating near the darkened light particles; I’ve come to call this energy the Dark Star, for it seems to be made of Hydrogen and Helium, the primary elements of all stars in our universe.

The instability of my experiments, indeed, the volatility of them has forced me to cease all lab activity until I can come up with a safe way to work in such extremes in temperature and energy.

I will finally get to discuss this work with my love who, until now, I have kept in the dark. He will no doubt be intrigued as he and I share a curiosity about the world around us. He is the one person on the planet who truly shares my lust for exploration, though I am most at home in the world of things small, while he is enamored of the very large. I am but a scientist, but he always is and forever will be my Spaceman.


Dark Star

I saw it all
All along
When I looked again
It was almost gone

Fragile sky
Seemed so strong
Was it destiny
That brought this on?

I can see your light fading
The night is contemplating
Will you shine on
Or is it too late?
Darkness casts a shadow brightly
I see the same inside me
Your reflection
Shows me my fate

Dark star
Fading faster

I feel your pain
Come closing in
'Cause what happens next
Will happen then

Scared to die
I won't pretend
More than anything
I'm afraid to meet your end

I can see your light fading

Dark star
Fading faster


from Truth Decay, released June 30, 2009
Written by Jason "ShyBoy" Arnold, Mark Nubar Donikian, Jean-Yves "Jeeve" Ducornet/John Scott Mulchaey. © 2009 Idiot Speaks/Looking For Mr. Nubar/Wicked Night Music/Where's My Cut Publishing (ASCAP) Adm. worldwide by PEN Music Group, Inc.



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